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Review: Craving by Cara McKenna

on September 26, 2013

Warning: SPOILERS For Curio

What tickled my fancy: Em. Er. We’ll leave this one.

What ticked me off: Me, for buying the ebook in pdf format.

Who might like it: Anyone who enjoyed Curio.

Craving is the second “vignette” follow-up to Curio. Coercion was a three star read for me; this was much better.

In Curio, Caroly began seeing Didier for his services as a prostitute, but a relationship formed between them. Now he fights his severe agoraphobia in order to spend time with her, and she no longer pays him for his time. But Caroly is starting to feel a little jealousy and strain — not just because of Didier’s ongoing servicing of clients, but because she doesn’t really know where she stands with him. I gotta say, Caroly is a bit of a doof — though of course she doesn’t have the advantage of having read Didier’s point of view in Coercion. Even so, his feelings for her here come through loud and clear.

This story is partially about Caroly and Didier exploring some new sexual avenues — opening up his literal bag of tricks.  And oh my. But it’s also about Caroly’s insecurity, though she tries to reassure herself:

I picture Didier’s cabinet full of curiosities and I realize newness isn’t his currency. He’s attached to the old, the discarded, the broken and fixable. He wouldn’t leave a woman simply because her novelty faded.

This was especially interesting to me because Carolyn focuses so much on Didier’s physical perfection. I don’t believe it’s all she cares about, but of the two of them, she seems far more likely to move on to greener pastures than he is — and he at least knows it.  I’m hoping that in one of the later vignettes she has to process the fact that he won’t always be perfect.

Anyway, this was quite beautifully written without being overly purple, and it’s a compelling glimpse into the progression of their relationship. It almost makes a good argument for the “happy for now” ending, since we get to see what comes afterwards… perhaps on the way to a happy ever after. B


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