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on October 4, 2013

(I admit it… I was waiting for the slightest opportunity to use this one.)

We’re discussing romance blogs on twitter, and how hard it is to find blogs that aren’t heavily promo-focused. I was thinking it would be useful to group up with other small bloggers – except of course, the whole point of being a small blogger is we don’t want to be tied down to schedules and such, but just write whatever we want, whenever we want, which isn’t really conducive to group blogging. We’re lone wolves by nature. Arrrrooo.

So my current plan is to form some sort of master list/blogroll of these kinds of blogs. I need to work out the criteria for inclusion, and in such a manner that I’m still included. 😉 Please give suggestions if you have any, and suggestions for blogs to be included.

I’m going to use this space to keep track of (not yet veted) suggestions:
RRR Jessica’s choices
Sunday Salon
Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Books
Romance Novels for Feminists
Something More
Mean Fat Old Bat (edited to fix link)
Miss Bates Reads Romance
Love in the Margins
Blue Moon

9 responses to “Blog Slog

  1. Meoskop says:

    http://meoskop.blogspot.com predated Love In The Margins for me, and will probably mirror that content and include my non fiction reads. I'd add http://radishreviews.comand the less frequently updatedhttp://myextensivereading.wordpress.com

  2. Phyl says:

    If I could humbly suggest mine, although you'd have to put up with all the quilt stuff. I think I'm lucky if I have a couple dozen readers. Which makes it easy to neglect my blog for weeks at a time before I go on a tear. Anyhow http://phylsquiltsbooks.blogspot.com

  3. AJH says:

    Holy godsticks, where do you get these pictures?!Obviously I didn't see the discussion, but what are we counting as "promo-focused" blogs here?While I recognise that there are plenty of blogs that are quite openly promotional, where are we drawing the line, and who gets to draw it? Do we mean blogs that have interviews with authors? Do we means blogs that host giveaways? Does we mean blogs that only publish positive reviews (I'd make a very strong case that this doesn't *necessarily* constitute promotion, although, of course, it can.) Do we mean blogs that occasionally have guest posts from authors? Do we mean blogs that are enthusiastic about books other people don't like? Because maybe I'm reading in a completely different community to the rest of you but I can think of loads of interesting book discussion/review blogs.There's Kaetrin: http://www.kaetrinsmusings.com/There's Badass Romance: http://badassromance.com/There's Kelly: http://instalove.wordpress.com/There's Rosario: http://rosario.blogspot.co.uk/There's Dabney: http://www.thepassionatereader.com/There's the Book Pushers: http://thebookpushers.com/And that's just off the top of my the head 🙂

  4. willaful says:

    I'd like to get some input from the people who were originally complaining. :-)I personally would probably draw the line at giveaways, author posts, and buy links. Which is not to say there's anything wrong with doing any of those things. But if the idea is to avoid promo, those are promo. If we wanted to get really strict, we'd also eliminate arcs/netgalley reviews. I'd prefer not to have to do that, obviously, but I *could* keep those reviews off of this blog.

  5. Miss Bates says:

    With apologies for Miss Bates's pedantry, she does tend in that direction … Something More, mentioned above, is "myextensivereading;" isn't it cool, the play on words? Miss Bates loves reading that one. (And extends a humble and heartfelt "thank you" for her barely-chugging-along-reading-in-romance ruminations as mentioned here.) She'd definitely second Radish Reviews … she never misses a Linkspam Friday.

  6. Caz says:

    I don't get involved with the promo side – I just post reviews. Most of them are at GR too.Caz's Reading Room

  7. Diana DC says:

    We’re all lone wolves. Lol. Nevertheless I’d love to be attached to a strictly promo-free loop. No interviews, giveaways, author or narrator guest posts, cover reveals (wtf? who cares?), release day parties, yada yada. There’s already tons of that out there. Lone wolves are the odd ones out and I think we should self-identify and huddle together. I don’t see any problem with Netgalley or ARCs. I’m starting to get audiobook review copies from a service much like Netgalley for my Blue Moon blog.

    • willaful says:

      Oh, cool! I would love to do something like that, except my plate is already so full and my audiobook listening absolutely has to be really engaging and fun. That’s what gets the laundry hung.

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