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What’s Right With this Picture???

on November 2, 2013

This cover is absolutely cracking me up:

The story is one big ick-fest about a woman who was date-raped when she was 16, and had a secret baby. Now she’s dating a sweet younger man, who gets along with her kid like a house on fire. Then of course, this being Anne Mather, she discovers her boyfriend’s father is her rapist the man she loves.

So we have… rape, faux incest, a huge age difference with one party an actual teenager… a trifecta of ick, we don’t even need sex in a clown mask.

The man in question is about 35 when they first meet, 45 when they meet again. So all I can conclude from looking at that cover is that it depicts the heroine with his son.

4 responses to “What’s Right With this Picture???

  1. Liz Mc2 says:

    But . . . but IS there sex in a clown mask? Is that some reference I'm missing? Or just a symbol of ick?

  2. willaful says:

    Hehehehehehe… it's just a personal ick. Not fond of sex scenes involving masks or clowns, so the combo… Hopefully this is a rare enough kink that no one will feel bashed, although come to think of it, google would undoubtedly lead the clown-mask fetishists straight here!

  3. willaful says:

    Which is to say, yes, I invented it. Though quite likely not the first to do so.

  4. […] My. God. I thought the last Anne Mather book I tried was icky… now I’m reading Devil in Velvet in which the heroine is attracted to her […]

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