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“Come on! Songs, dancing around. . . what’s gonna be wrong with that?”

on December 8, 2013

I gave a friend Fangirl to read, because in some ways it reminded me of her. (She’s a twin, amongst other things.) She stayed up til 4 am finishing it and said the parts about twins really struck a cord, but told me she skimmed a lot of the romance. She added that she thinks she doesn’t enjoy romance because she’s never had a romantic relationship that didn’t suck.

I can’t find any actual data, but supposedly there are studies that disprove the cliche of romance readers being thwarted spinsters and deprived housewives. This anecdotally fits with my fairly extensive experience with other romance readers online. I wonder if anyone has ever studied people who actively dislike romance?

5 responses to ““Come on! Songs, dancing around. . . what’s gonna be wrong with that?”

  1. AJH says:

    Since I’ve started romance, I’ve also started giving it randomly to people to read. I gave For My Lady’s Heart to a friend of mine who’s a Medievalist, and he loved it so much he still hasn’t give me my copy back *scowls*. And I rec Meljean Brook & Nalini Singh all the time to SFF / fantasy fans, and nobody has yet come back in a simmering outrage because I gave them a romance.

    I wonder if says more about marketing than actual readers. I think e-books help a lot because there’s less emphasis on packaging but generally if you give somebody a book with, you know, extreme mantitty and an uber-haired woman on the front – *regardless of gender-identity* they tend to assume it’s not *for* them.

  2. willaful says:

    If Fangirl didn’t convert my friend, I’m pretty sure nothing could. I think she has a genuine antipathy to romance in novels, not just romance novels.

  3. Shannon C. says:

    I don’t know if my last comment is in moderation or if WordPress and I are failing each other, but I’ll try again and hope there won’t be a double post.

    I always cringe a little when romance fans gleefully point to those studies about how well-adjusted and not thwarted-spinster-like we all are… because some days I am totally a thwarted spinster and it’s like, “So you guys want me off your team because it makes you look less cool?” *Sniffle*

    Also, I need to read Fangirl. I suspect it will resonate strongly, and I did buy it on Audible. I’m not sure what’s stopping me.

    • willaful says:

      I’m totally a frustrated housewife, so no judging here! I didn’t see your comment in moderation, but WP doesn’t always bother to tell me.

      It took me a surprisingly long time to start Fangirl. Sometimes books I really want to read scare me. I hope it has good voices.

      • Shannon C. says:

        Exactly. And Eleanor & Park broke my heart to bits before putting it back together again. Sometimes, I just want the happy feels without too much angst. Or to read an author who is maybe not so stylistically awesome but who consistently delivers things I like the way I want them. Which has been what I’ve been wanting lately.

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