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Semi Reviews: Not a Happy Reader Edition

on January 22, 2014

The Mediterranean Billionaire’s Blackmail Bargain by Abby Green.

What tickled me: Had some angst going on.

What ticked me off: Got there in utterly ridiculous ways.

Who might like it: Readers simply wanting an intense read.

My goodness, mood is everything. I noticed this on my old GoodReads wishlist and borrowed it from the library, forgetting about the whole “GoodReads shelving is totally fukakta” thing. As I read I started to think it was somewhat familiar, as well as utterly terrible. Not only had I read it before, I gave it 3 1/2 stars that time. On this read, I’m thinking 1 1/2. The implausibilities were almost impressive.

Chaser by Rick Reed.

My thoughts as I read:

Describing characters by comparing them to celebrities — never a good sign.

This writing style is so shallow… but how often do I see a fat hero in a romance? I’ll skim.

So… naturally Kevin lost weight while Caden is away and is all buff now. And Caden isn’t sure he’s still attracted to him. Well, I’m bummed that he didn’t stay fat — typical! — but that could still be an interesting story. I’ll keep skimming.

WTF is this fairy tale villain doing in here? So instead of actually working out what happened between them, they’ve got this other stupid, contrived conflict to deal with. Whoopee. Deleting this sucker.

The Billionaire by Juliette Jones

What tickled me: Crazy hero knows he’s crazy.

What ticked me off: Mary Sue heroine could not be more Mary Sue

Who might like it: Not going there.

This was one of the most mind boggling books I’ve ever read. It started out as a pretty straightforward “Fifty Shades” rip-off, but then seemed as if it wanted to actually get real about obsession and possessiveness. Unfortunately, this was all completely undone by the end — the heroine decides that it’s perfectly okay that the hero locked her up, because Issues. And he’s just trying to protect her. And she can no longer live without all the rich goodies he provides. I wish I were exaggerating.

There was also something uncomfortably porny about the sex… literally everyone in the world, male or female, wants this woman, and they keep sneaking their way in on the action. At the same time the book keeps trying to make this powerful love/monogamy statement. Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Also, the heroine’s beautiful youth is constantly being worshiped. If Alex hasn’t killed her by the third book in the series, he’ll probably have dumped her for getting wrinkles.

2 responses to “Semi Reviews: Not a Happy Reader Edition

  1. Miss Bates says:

    These sound awful. Miss Bates is grateful that you took several for the team. Also, you made her laugh, especially here, “Describing characters by comparing them to celebrities — never a good sign.” 😉

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