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The Probably-Not-So-Big Harlequin Presents Read #12

on June 29, 2014

Harlequin Presents #12: Dragon Bay by Violet Winspear


Best line: “‘You like a child yo’self,’ Da had muttered, and as she went out of the room the points of her Creole turban had seemed like the devil’s horns.”

Notes of interest: Marital rape. The bedroom door is ever so slowly creeping open.

Well… I couldn’t read this one; I happened to skim to that line above and it did me in. Racism and dialect are two things I really don’t need in my HPs. Add suspense for a third thing. This did have a strong resemblance to The Book in terms of plot and atmosphere, though, which makes me think the author might be Winspear. On the other hand, I’ve also read a Mather that seemed very similar. So I guess I’ll just keep plugging.

2 responses to “The Probably-Not-So-Big Harlequin Presents Read #12

  1. Barb in Maryland says:

    What’s fun in looking at these old HPs is to go to Fantastic Fiction or other info sites and find out when the title was originally published by Mills and Boon. This one dates to 1969 and is supposed to be connected to another of her books–The Honey is Bitter -originally published in 1967.

    FYI–Winspear caused a wave of controversy in the 1970 when she claimed her heroes should “frighten and fascinate. They must be the sort of men who are capable of rape”. Well!! Now we know.

  2. willaful says:

    Oh, interesting. I didn’t realize that the republication dates were so far off.

    I saw it listed as part of a trilogy at GR, but I also skipped THiB, so I don’t know why.

    That quote definitely makes her a likely candidate for author of The Book!

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