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A is for Archangel’s Blade aka W is for Wangsty

on July 24, 2014

NOTICE: I currently have a concussion, which might have affected my reading and/or writing about this book. Please apply copious grains of salt.

Feeling the need for a little more structure when choosing my reading, I’m stealing from joining Miss Bates in her alphabet project, and if I ever catch up to her (she’s on E) we will coordinate thereafter.

Miss Bates started with A is for Archer. I considered beginning Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews, but decided it would be better to work on a continuing series than to begin a new one.  Right now, I’m not sure I’ll be continuing with this series by Nalini Singh. After liking the first two very much, on audio, I didn’t care much for the third. I thought it was my fatigue with the continuing couple, but in this fourth book, I was really noticing weirdnesses with the writing. Some examples:

Happy? She didn’t know what happiness was anymore. Maybe she’d never know, though she thought she’d learned something of it by watching the biological children in the foster homes she’d been shuttled around after she left the orphanage at five.

Dimitri’s gaze had made it clear he appreciated her curves, that he had no problem with that fact that her natural body shape was too much of an hourglass than was currently fashionable.

It’s not the concussion, right? — these are legit hard to follow. I have no clue what “biological children” means in that sentence.

Grammar and word choice aside, I just didn’t like this book. The vaguely mysterious plotline is a complete mcguffin, just there to keep the characters mildly occupied when they’re not flashing back to the terrible, terrible events of their past. I did like that vampire hero Dimitri is the same fairly nasty character he was in the previous books, with no whitewashing, but oh did I get sick of him going over and over his angst. This is pretty much his life:

“Good morning, sir.” How can any morning be good after the horrible things I’ve done?

“Dimitri, we’re going to get some coffee, wanna come?” Oh, my beautiful wife will never drink coffee again because of those monsters.

ad nauseum.

But everyone else in the world loved this book, so don’t mind me.






6 responses to “A is for Archangel’s Blade aka W is for Wangsty

  1. Miss Bates says:

    *waves from MBRR* We’ll do our best to sync, and if we don’t always, we’re still on the same page. Hee hee … Miss B. listened to the first of the Psy thingies and had the same reaction you record here. Could somebody please edit the heck out of this wordy thing!?

    It’s not your concussion; which, by the way, Miss B. is sorry to hear about and wishes you a speedy recovery. Don’t over-do, those things are tricky.

    She’s looking forward to a wacky “E” read … and hoping the day job isn’t too crazy at the time!

  2. kaetrin says:

    Sorry to hear you have a concussion. 😦 What happened?

    I’m one of the people who did like this book (I read it because I don’t love the narration of the series, it seems to affected for me and added to Ms. Singh’s writing tics it was too much). I liked Dmitri better than Raphael by the end. But I did have to laugh at your description of Dmitri’s moroseness! LOL.

    Feel better soon!

    • willaful says:

      Unsupervised toddler on the dance floor. At least she didn’t have a gun.

    • Lynnd says:

      I really enjoyed Archangel’s Blade (and the whole series) but I also read it rather than listened to it. I agree with Kaetrin about the narration possibly affecting my enjoyment. I am listening to the first book in this series (an experiment in audio vs. reading). I read Archangel’s Blood and really, really liked it, but I am not enjoying the audio as much. As Kaetrin said, Ms. Singh has some writing ticks that I seem to be able to overlook when reading, but are really annoying to me when I’m listening. I’m also not thrilled with the narrator’s voice – to me, the characters sound quite whiny (all of them) which is not what I got from them in the books. I suspect that if I had listened to this book, rather than read it, I might not have continued with the series.

      • willaful says:

        Yes! I seem to do better with the audio than print, writing-wise, but the whiney… ugh!

        I realize I wasn’t clear above… I listened to the first two and read the second two in print.

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