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Shocked and Surprised!

on November 24, 2014



I had two minor epiphanies last night, neither of which is probably particularly revelatory to anyone else.

One is that Twitter just doesn’t work as my only place to play with my friends on the Internet. It’s loads of fun, full of smart, witty, kind people. But many of them are authors, and it’s their space too; I censor myself there and feel justified in doing so.

How I miss having a place to share my random observations as I read a book. I still use GoodReads a bit, but it’s so hard to get a book conversation going now. Maybe I’m being stupidly stubborn not to use it in that manner?

The other is that, after having cleared out my arcs and enjoyed a blessed few days of peace, I’ve been obsessing over not having read enough good books for my Best Of lists, and trying to cram a whole bunch more reading in, in very little time. In other words, I managed to find yet another way to turn reading into homework. Go me.

5 responses to “Shocked and Surprised!

  1. Lori says:

    I know the feeling. Why have someone else shoot you in the foot when you can do it so well yourself?

  2. kaetrin says:

    I’m happy to talk books pretty much anywhere, except Facebook which is not my thing really.

    I’ve largely missed the kerfuffles re Goodreads because I mainly use it as my personal book catalogue. Most of my conversations are on Twitter or on blogs. I would like to have more discussions on blogs. I loved the comment thread on Burn for Me and Think of England at DA and even my own post re TofE is getting a bit of a conversation going.

  3. kaetrin says:

    oops forgot tick the follow comments box.

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