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Move Along, Nothing to See Here

on November 3, 2020

This post is entirely a little joke for https://habitrpgbooklists.wordpress.com/author/faranae/ as a comment on their post, https://habitrpgbooklists.wordpress.com/2020/11/02/a-book-involving-an-unpopular-profession/.

(And how delightful that with this forced block editing, I don’t know how to do a proper link anymore! But at least I somehow managed to insert the media.)

The cover of the board book Can't Sleep, showing a painting of a sleeping full moon.

A picture book I adore.

The same cover, with red sticker dots over the eyes.

Our copy of the book, with surgery by my child that she was extremely proud of.

4 responses to “Move Along, Nothing to See Here

  1. faranae says:

    Your child’s “improvement” of that book makes me think she’s a Shaun Tan fan… It’s going to haunt my dreams now…

    P.S. My pronouns are they/them or ze/zer! I really should make a bio on WordPress, huh? ^^;;;

    • willaful says:

      Argh! Very sorry, I will correct the post. I think I actually knew that but for some reason my brain often seems to default to she for people. I keep she-ing my daughter’s therapist too.

      I forgot to mention, originally I removed the stickers and she was very upset and I had to buy a whole new package of stickers so she could redo it!

      • faranae says:

        No worries, I checked my WP and Habit profiles and realized I’ve never put pronouns on either, so it’s not like I made it easy for you!

        And she was rightfully upset. I mean, she’d created art! Did the rest of the stickers end up anywhere equally distressing?

  2. willaful says:

    I don’t specifically remember, though I wouldn’t be surprised. Her art was all over the house for some years. 🙂

    She also enjoyed googly eyes some time later, though I guess never wanted to improve on her original work.

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