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The Cruellest Lie by Susan Napier

on January 28, 2022

CN: stillbirth

I see you ordered some WTF. Would you care for some EWWWWW with that?

Even by Napier standards — I will never forget Jessica Tripler’s post on how there is always at least one deeply weird thing in a Napier book — this is a doozy. Apparently in a way that quite a lot of people enjoyed, judging by the GoodReads reviews. I might have found it more entertaining if I weren’t so busy being creeped out.

Here are some choice quotes:

“The thick sounds of descriptive pleasure he made as he worked rhythmically over her sent tiny vibrating shocks thrilling through her moistly conductive flesh…”

“She drew in a deep, uneven breath and her taste buds tingled at the salty male fragrance that filled the back of her throat in a suffocating rush of shocking awareness.” This isn’t a sex scene — they’re just talking in her office.

“Morgan stilled, his big shoulders flexing dangerously under his dark jacket. The two men were dressed in very similar business suits and Claudia felt like the tender meat in a brutally stylish sandwich.”

Okay, that one is pretty funny, taken out of its revolting context. But oh my lord, the context! Which is leads us to the great grandaddy of all quotes (oh dear, that was unfortunate phrasing):

“It wouldn’t be a replacement, but, if you had another baby whose father was from the same genetic material as the father of your son, the child would probably grow up to share many of the physical characteristics that your son would have had…”

This is the hero, ostensibly trying to convince the heroine to have a baby with him, supposedly the grandfather of the child she lost. (I put in the qualifiers because things aren’t as bad as they seem, but good Lord, they’re bad enough.) And then we get to the stylish sandwich, which is our hero Morgan deliberately getting down and dirty with Claudia right in front of his son, to warn him off. Pass the brain bleach, please!

5 responses to “The Cruellest Lie by Susan Napier

  1. azteclady says:


    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!

    literal nausea happening at casa aztec right now.

  2. Miss Bates says:

    Wow. I’m speechless and nauseated. You’ve really taken one for the team.

  3. whiskeyinthejar says:

    “Claudia felt like the tender meat in a brutally stylish sandwich.”

    This wording is a reason I’ll never leave the romance genre, just, amazing, lol.

    “great grandaddy of all quotes (oh dear, that was unfortunate phrasing):”

    I should have respected the warning here more. That last quote and paragraph, NOOOOOOO

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