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romances are so much more complicated now (hooray!)

on June 16, 2022

I’m starting to do my tagging for Book Boyfriend by Kris Ripper (did not love it, sad to say) and it’s a reminder that I really need to work out a new system that works for the modern romance. When I first began over a decade ago, I was largely looking at recurring tropes, which tended to be heavily gendered, and my tags reflect that.

Now I have a book featuring a pansexual cis man main character and his best friend/love interest, an apparently gender-bending pansexual man who is never officially labeled but moves into using “they/them” pronouns, so should perhaps not be called a man after all. I checked on my tags for Ripper’s previous book The Love Study (liked very much, happy to say) because that had a non-binary love interest and I just tagged “non-binary character” which really isn’t very useful. I mean, I guess the relevant info is in the book description but if I were searching in order to give someone a recommendation, it might not come up in a useful way.

For a non-gendered term, “love interest” works. But it’s also not maybe specific enough for romance? We want to know who the final person (or persons) is, the happy ever after.

I read so much queer romance these days, and much more interesting queer romance than used to be available. I really need to work this out.

3 responses to “romances are so much more complicated now (hooray!)

  1. azteclady says:

    I have been struggling with this myself (see my “blogging with integrity” post a few weeks ago, as an example). I’ve added tags where I have remembered, but it’s something else that takes some spoons (not just energy but mental space/clarity).

    In the meantime, I’m of the opinion that starting with tags for individual books is heaps better than waiting to come up with the perfect system. (it’s self-serving, because it excuses my lack, but on the other hand…we can’t do more than we can, can we?)

  2. Faranae says:

    Soon your tagging system will look like a tumblr post, like #m/m-but-one-of-them-is-pan-and-the-other-is-a-demi-boy.

    At least I can get away with very broad tags since I have a very broad blog, although I’ve only recently been getting better at tagging for all of the books in a post and not just the general topic or recurring themes in the week’s books.

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