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TBR Challenge: Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole (DNF)

The theme: Serious ketchup Series catch up.

Why this one: It’s a hole in the series I’ve wanted to fill.

Usually I don’t write about the books I DNF’d for the TBR challenge and it is just possible I might yet finish this, if only to earn my “Reading Flagellation” square in Shallowreader Bingo. But more likely I’ll skim the print copy, since I’m only halfway through. In any event, I didn’t want to put off my challenge post.

This was my second try of this one, and really, I should just trust my Cole DNF’s. I usually enjoy this series, but the last time I read one that I’d DNF’d the first time (No Rest for the Wicked) I found it equally tedious on the second try.

The first part of the book includes a ton of discussion of events happening in A Hunger Like No Other. Since the entire series happens during the same general timeframe, this isn’t unusual, but it seems very clumsily narrated and dull here. And then the book passes over a year’s worth of dogged pursuit (heh) by the wolf shifter hero and moves to a whole bunch of new characters futzing around mysteriously on a boat in the Amazon and I just want to chew my own hands off from boredom.

The sex scenes are pretty good, if you like Cole’s obsessively crazed and possessive heroes (and really, I can’t imagine why you’d read her books if you don’t.) As often happens in the series, there’s an excellent reason Lucia and Garreth can’t have intercourse and just have to really hotly do everything else but. So that’s something.

But whatever drives the plot just isn’t working for me and there’s nothing particularly distinctive about the characters or their relationship to make me want to keep reading for them.


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